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STEM Learning Made Fun at Snapology & LEGO Set Giveaway

If you have a child in school, you are probably familiar with the acronym STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The importance and necessity of STEM education have been widely acknowledged among parents, teachers and education experts, for STEM is closely linked to every aspect of modern life while STEM education helps develop transferable skills that are essential in both STEM and non-STEM fields, such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and data analysis. Due to the complexity and difficulty of STEM subjects, there is a misconception that STEM learning is intimidating and frustrating. In fact, however, STEM learning can be nothing but fun and can be accomplished through various activities, including PLAY!

STEM Learning Through Toys
Making learning fun and enjoyable is the key to nurturing the love for knowledge. The number of educational toys that promote STEM-related skills is on the rise. You may already own such toys without realizing their connection to STEM education. Well loved by both boys and girls, LEGO bricks are known to stimulate creativity, spatial thinking, problem solving and teamwork. There are also STEM certified toys that are specifically designed to integrate play with STEM learning.

STEM Learning Through Books
Wouldn't it be great to encourage your child to fall in love with reading and STEM learning at the same time? Luckily, there are quite a few well-written books that teach STEM subjects in fun and engaging ways for students at different stages of learning. Some of our favorites include the Magic School Bus series, the Little Scientists books, and DK's awarding-winning new release Maker Lab.
STEM Learning Through Hands-on Activities
Children learn fast and best through hands-on activities. You can try to come up with DIY projects at home or send your kids to more structured STEM programs like those being offered at Snapology. Rated one of the Best Kids' Franchise, Snapology discovery centers provide hands-on, interactive activities for children ages 1-14 using LEGO® bricks, K’Nex and technology. They create STEM learning experiences through classes, workshops, camps, birthday parties, school field trips, scouting events and more. They also offer amazing franchise opportunities that are affordable, flexible and can provide quick profitability. If you've been thinking about becoming your own boss, this could be the best opportunity. Please visit to learn more about what Snapology has to offer.

Geomatrix STEM Approved, Award-Winning Toy Review & $100 Prize Pack Giveaway {Pumpkin Patches & Wins Giveaway Hop}

If you've got one or more active young boys in the house, you probably know how precious some "quiet time" can get. I have found building toys to be fairly good at keeping my boys busy and having fun for hours without making too much noise. Better yet, they encourage creative and interactive play. Just a few weeks ago, my boys welcomed a new addition to their building toy collection - Geomatrix, which has won STEM Approved certification and ASTRA's Best Toy for Kids 2017 in the constructive play category.

Consisting of 15 magnetic pieces, Geomatrix helps kids understand the dynamics of geometric shapes while enhancing their imagination, creativity, motor skills and design skills. Geomatrix is no ordinary magnetic building toy, because it features the use of the world's strongest magnets: rare earth neodymium magnets. With up to 12 powerful magnets in the corner or point of each piece, the shapes can attach to one another on all sides! Besides, the magnets rotate freely to make sure that they always attract.

Geomatrix can be played solo or with competitors. The Balance Game suggested in the activity booklet that comes with Geomatrix is fun for players of all ages, yes, including grown-ups. Players take turns adding pieces trying to make the next player add a shape that will knock down the tower. The player that adds the last standing piece wins the game.

The game is great a family game night or a play date. The kids can learn about weight distribution through the game. I love how the pieces can twist and turn to make unexpected changes in the balance of the structure. Instead of competing with each other, my boys ended up working together trying to keep the tower stay as tall and as long as possible.

Colortime Crafts and Markers Discount Code

It's not too early to start thinking about Halloween, is it? I'm sure the kids will be thrilled to carry around one of these glow-in-the-dark tote bags for their trick-or-treating. Better yet, they can use the special markers from Colortime Crafts and Markers to color their bags anyway they like. So each bag will be a unique creation!

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CUJO Smart Firewall: Protect Your Home Network with Business-Level Security

Internet is such a wonderful invention that many of us can hardly live without it. From shopping and entertaining to learning and job hunting, there are so many things that we can accomplish online in the comfort of our homes. But staying connected via the Internet could make yourself more vulnerable to hackers, viruses, malwares, and other dangerous intrusions, especially when your network connection is left unprotected. The recent Equifax data breach urges us to be more proactive about Internet security. One of the actions you can take is to install an effective firewall like CUJO.

CUJO is a smart firewall for the connected home, designed to bring business-level security to the home network. Using machine learning, CUJO safeguards ALL smart devices connected to your wireless router against web threats. It detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks, working like an antivirus software for your entire network.

I was very excited when Best Buy sent me a CUJO for review. My home is full of smart devices with WiFi capability, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, thermostat and security cameras. I was seriously in need of help in the online safety department when CUJO arrived in this cute little box. Before starting to use the device, I was already impressed by its compact size and sleek design. It's lightweight too, easy to handle with one hand. My CUJO box comes with a 3-feet Ethernet cable, an AC Power adapter, a sticker, and best of all, FREE lifetime subscription with automatic software updates. Unlike any antivirus software I've purchased before, there is no need to pay any additional fees to keep my firewall protection up to date.

My kids think CUJO is super cool because it has a face with light-up eyes indicating its working status. When it's not properly connected, it will have an unhappy or warning face as shown in the picture above. The face will turn to a smiley one when things are all set. Both the upward and downward curves will be present when CUJO is working hard to get things right.

It was amazingly easy to set things up with CUJO. It took me less than 5 minutes to get the device up and running. Just plug in the adapter and cable, install the CUJO app on my phone and follow the prompts to complete installation and registration. As our router requires some special adjustment during installation, I received a call from a CUJO customer service representative guiding me through the process. This was the first time ever that tech support was being offered without me having to ask for it. Very impressive indeed!
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